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Each race reflects the unique characteristics of the region – scenic courses & local culture. This one-of-a-kind ultra-race series is designed to provide the opportunity ... moreto go beyond the normal gran fondo length rides and test your limits of endurance. The RAAM Series is also the ideal testing ground for moving your way through increasing mileages, working with your crew and helps prepare you for the ultimate goal, RAAM, if that is in your cards. Both the 200 & 400-mile course options are available to race with or without support crew. We recommend racing with a support crew, if you opt to race without a crew, you must obtain permission from the race management.

All racers will receive detailed route information (printed cue sheets, GPS is available through the website), live results (time splits) and statistics through, race signage for your support vehicle (race numbers and Caution Bicycles Ahead decal), in addition to an event T-shirt & other swag, a lunch ticket for each racer and 2 additional for crew (more may be purchased at the event). All official finishers will receive a custom medal and official jersey. All official 400-mile finishers will be RAAM Qualified.

What you will need to race:

Functional front and rear lights (+spare batteries), reflective tape appropriately placed on you bicycle(s) (see Endurance Racing Primer). Reflective clothing (vest and anklets, recommended), if you are racing without a support crew. Support vehicles must have amber flashing roof lights & reflective DOT triangle (we will have some available for rent on a first come, first serve basis), operable four-way flashers & turn signals, proper insurance.

What to Bring
March in the Hill Country is perfect cycling weather. March days are typically mild, warming and by the end of the month the Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush are blooming. Mornings can be foggy. The fog burns off giving way to bright sunny days. While sunny days are the norm, it’s not unusual to experience a rainy day in a week of cycling. So, be prepared for wide ranging conditions.

Always remember your normal cycling gear (shorts, jersey, socks, shoes, gloves and helmet). And, while the weather is normally very nice, it’s always a good idea to come prepared for cooler weather and/or rain (base layer, vest and/or jacket, knee warmers).

Additional items.
Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, cellphone, water bottle(s), pump (or CO2 cartridge), patches, tire levers, spare tube(s), basic bike tools.

*ALL RACERS and/or CREW must attend the race meeting on Friday evening.
Road Race
Saturday, 19 Mar, 2016
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