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The Red River Riot is back and better than ever with the focus being the best and most challenging route possible. This is not an official "race" so don't look for prize money, sag ... moresupport, or even rules. Get your spot early to guarantee a shirt and a plate of Spinistry chow. There will NOT be any day of registration. Prereg only please. We're going to give you a great route to follow that will cover up to 200 miles of dirt roads in the scenic Red River area of North Texas. Entry fee includes a great staging area, food/drinks, and will provide directions for everyone to find their way from Point A to Point Z. The long route will be around 140 miles The medium route will be around 80 miles We will also offer a mini route of around 35 miles for those who are gravel curious. Everyone will ride that first 35 mile loop so you can go out for more if you feel up to it. This year we are introducing a true 200 mie "Double Century" option for the truly masochistic. More details on that as the pieces come together. The most current information will most likely be on the Spinistry Facebook page or on See you there! REMINDER: This is a self supported ride. There WILL NOT be any aid stations or SAG wagons. Do not attempt this ride if you are uncomfortable being 20 miles from civilization with ZERO support
Road Race
Saturday, 2 Apr, 2016
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