Buck Brannaman Parelli Savvy Club Dvd Issue Horse Training Vhs Clinton Anderson Colt Starting Clinton Anderson Fundamentals Horse Training Dvds Dvd Colt Starting Brannaman Horse Training Dvd Set Parelli Level Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinton Anderson Gaining Respect Natural Horsemanship Clinton Anderson Riding Dressage Dvd Dressage Training Clinton Anderson No Worries Club Dvd Colt Starting Anderson Horse Training John Lyons Perfect Horse Nwc Dvd Clinton Anderson Riding With Confidence Horsemanship Training Horse Training Video Confidence Dvd Pat Parelli Gaining Respect Downunder Horsemanship Clinton Anderson No Worries Club Horse Health Riding With Confidence Pat Parelli Savvy Linda Parelli Horsemanship Riding Clinton Anderson Gaining Respect And Control Equestrian Training John Lyons Horse Training Books Parelli Level 1 Clinton Anderson Colt Parelli Savvy Club Dvd Clinton Anderson Nwc Dvd Respect And Control On The Ground Richard Shrake Clinton Anderson Nwc Horse Training Riding Clinton Anderson Horse Parelli Partnership Parelli Success Series Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level Horse Training Dvd Clinton Anderson Intermediate Horse Illustrated Horsemanship Horse Horse Illustrated Great Shape Natural Horse Training Horse Care Parelli 3 Foal Training Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship 1 Partnership Western Horseman's Arabian Horse World Parelli Savvy Club Clinton Anderson No Worries Journal Riding Books Vhs Equestrian Western Horseman Natural Horsemanship Training Horsemanship Dvd Clinton Anderson Riding With Confidence Series Control On The Ground Series Nwc Journal Parelli Level 2 Riding Dvd Al Dunning Jane Savoie Fundamentals Dvd Clinton Anderson Advanced Ian Francis Natural Horse-Man-Ship Clinton Anderson Journal Guide To Horse Dvd June Parelli Savvy Ground Series Horse Behavior Larry Trocha Training Reining Horse Clinton Anderson No Worries Foundation Training Trailer Loading Chris Cox Phba Stock Clinton Anderson Foal Reiner Klimke Arab Horse World Larry Trocha Pat Parelli Savvy Club Training With Jane Teach Your Horse Reining John Lyons Symposium Westfall Parelli Savvy Club Dvds Equestrian Books Round Penning Centered Riding Gaited Horse Clinton Anderson Lead Horse Dvd Gaited Buck Brannaman 7 Clinics Training Vhs Clinton Anderson Handling Perfect Horse Tom Dorrance Parelli Savvy System Horse Journal Clinton Anderson No Worries Club Nwc Level 2 Harmony Academy Graduates Bob Avila Sylvia Loch Horsemanship 101 2 Clinton Anderson Horse Dvd Training Dvd Set Quarter Horse Journal Mary Wanless Symposium Video Sealed Clinton Anderson Josh Lyons Chris Cox Dvd Parelli Pathways Level Universal Horsemanship Dressage Video Eventing American Quarter Horse Stacy Westfall Dressage Horse Mark Rashid Parelli Patterns Chris Cox Horsemanship Dressage Test Clinton Anderson Problem Solving Horse Videos Sally Swift Anderson No Worries Club Nwc Dvd Horse Training Monty Roberts Training Books Ranch Roping Craig Cameron Brand New Sealed Dvd Reiner Klimke The Dressage Training Film Whinny Widgets Dressage Reis Ranch Handling Foal Barrel Racing Journal Summer Pat Parelli Savvy System Horse Owners Solving On The Ground Clinton Anderson Dvd Brittany Huff Arena Mates Western English Training Series Cherry Hill Natural Horse Dennis Reis Regaining Lost Confidence Barrel Racing Success Dvd Boxed Set Happy Horse Home Study Course Morgan Horse Register Volume Road To The Horse Morgan Horse Horseback Riding Morgan Horse Registry-Justin Morgan-Horses Cantering With Confidence Trick Training Anderson Vhs Trail Riding Rider Magazine Clinton Anderson Horse Breeds 6 Dvds Showmanship Foal Fundamentals Gaited Horse Training Dvd 1 And 2 1 Dvd 1 Thru 1 Thru 4 10 Dvd 1952 Covers 2 Books 2 Dvd
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Feel the Difference Round Penning Made Easy Clinton Anderson Groundwork Series I 3 Video Set Format: VHS(NTSC) Condition: Used. 3- 60 minute videos shows you round penning; the first step in Clinton Anderson's training system. Video 1: Clinton introduces round penning with his techniques exercises with a first lesson on an untrained mare. During the entire lesson. Clinton offers easy-to-understand instruction while constantly explaining the horse’s action and how to react to the horse’s actions. The exercise is followed by a lesson review. A few tips and pointers and ends with Clinton explaining his expectations for a first round penning session for you to try at home. Video 2: Clinton shares with the viewer the philosophy of horse training with a second untrained horse. This horse demonstrates some unruly behavior common for young horses ... morein the beginning exercises but with patience and guidance he quickly becomes willing. Respectful partner which is a good example of what to expect from a younger horse. Video 2 also introduces a novice student which represents the average horse owner with little experience. The owner with proper instruction. Consistency and some determination is able to overcome timidness and get the respect owners deserve from their horses. Video 3: Clinton takes a horse introduced in video 2 on to a second lesson where results are remarkable and where situations may be encountered while working your own horse is well demonstrated. The novice owner continues work with her horse and after only 4 days you can see how owner and horse work together and improve. Clinton demonstrates other round pen behaviors. Discusses common mistakes and answers questions an owner might have before starting training own horse. When I watched these videos I found the student lesson to be the most helpful part. In that lesson. I could see the exact cues needed for each step of the round penning process, as well as what went wrong when those cues were not used or were used in the wrong order. Having watched lots o
This DVD set helps move your horse forward. Backwards, left& right. THE FOUNDATION FOR BUILDING RESPECT! You ll discover how your round pen can help make handling& working with your horse better. It like world class round pen clinic in the privacy of your home
Wonderful tapes to help you learn to teach you and your horse respect which makes for a much better relationship. His methods are remarkable and will make you smile when they work!
Clinton Anderson Round Penning 3 DVD set Building Confidence and Respect Between You and Your Horse Parts 1 thru 3 This is an exciting series from Clinton Anderson. In this series. Clinton shares his training expertise and shows you how to use the round pen as an integral part of your training program.
Round Penning Building Confidence and Respect between you and your horse with Clinton Anderson 3 disc DVD set in like new condition. Please see my other auctions. I will combine shipping. Shipping to the lower 48 only
Improving Your Score- Craig Schmersal& Shawn Flarida- Good as Gold Reining- DVD. In this DVD"Improving Your Score! Craig and Shawn look at some of the obstacles facing reiners in the show pen and give advice on how to overcome them. They show you how to perfect each maneuver in a reining pattern. The DVD also includes Shawn's NRHA Futurity Championship ride on Wimpys Little Step and Craig's NRHA Derby Reserve Championship ride on Commanders Nic. We hope this DVD answers some questions. Inspires you, and helps you to become Good As Gold! Running time: 1 hour 43 minutes. Comes in its original Box. Shawn Flarida and Craig Schmersal are two of the most respected names in the reining industry. With combined earnings over $3.2 million. The pair has proven they have the skills to help you reach your reining goals. Both Shawn and ... moreCraig were members of the gold winning United States Equestrian Team(USET) that represented the US reiners at the World Equestrian Games in Spain in 2002, with Shawn bringing home the individual gold medal and Craig winning the individual bronze medal.
PAPERBACK VERSION I am the author of this book so I can offer it at a special price which you will only find here. Normal price: $14.99) Keith Hosman. John Lyons Certified Trainer, Author and Clinician If you're starting a horse or need to turn around an older horse that's proving a challenge. Round pen training is your very first step. Praise for Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse: I can’t say I’ve ever‘started’ a horse. But I have‘re-started’ a couple and I only wish I had this book. It’s] well-written in a friendly, informal tone and the author’s sense of humor had me chuckling as I read. Plainly, Keith Hosman knows horses. If the other titles in the series didn’t look so interesting I’d be tempted to say that Keith covers about everything you need to know in this one. This book] is easy to read. Taking a compassionate ... morebut real-world view of the horse with a step-by-step, easy to follow program. We give it 4 whinnies. Karen Lehmann. Horse Around New Mexico The changes you can make in the round pen are amazing- but to make these advances. You'll need to know that there is a tried-and-true system. It's more than simply running a horse around in circles; there are objective and progressive steps. It's easy- but you can't go in without a plan. This guide to the proven methods of John Lyons. Shows you exactly what to do, in which specific order, and why. Follow this material as written to turn around older horses, those"set in their ways, as well. Section I of"Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse" gives you a 5-day. Step-by-step plan to take with you to the round pen. Section II goes on to offer 10 more lessons that you'll need to teach your young horse at this point in his life. haltering, leading, lungeing, vices, gaining respect, hoof care, trailer loading& more) Train your horse: to become a willing partner* to deal with its fear* to be ready for the first farrier visit* to be much safer for you and your family to be around Build a strong foun
Chris Irwin Great Beginnings ~ Equicises ~ The Horse in Hand ~ Pro-Active Problem Solving ~ Riding the Waves: The Fundamentals ~ The Language of the Lunge DVD Set Chris Irwin’s Discover Your Horsepower Equi-cises: Flexibility. Balance and Strength Training for Equestrians DVD“In Equi-cises. Chris teams up with Kathyrn Kincannon-Irwin to present a series of detailed exercises specifically developed to meet the unique athletic demands of equestrians. With an emphasis on balance and flexibility before strength conditioning, Chris and Kathryn demonstrate how to get the most gain, with no pain, when stretching and strengthening the areas most critical to equestrians- our"core" hips, back and shoulders. From exercises designed specifically on increasing the flexibility and strength of our seat and leg aids, Chris explains and demonstrates ... morehow each exercise relates to the specific needs of any rider during groundwork or while riding our horses. exercises are based on the martial arts discipline of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Chris Irwin’s Discover Your Horsepower Great Beginnings DVD STARTING COLTS Watch the building blocks of round penning. And first rides on two very different young horses. Chris clearly explains and illustrates the progression of steps necessary to build each horse's confidence as they are introduced to bridle, saddle, and rider, and how to deal with common fears and behaviors of a green horse. 2 hours 40 minutes. DVD From the Discover Your Horsepower Series: From the back cover: The importance of patience and consistency are key themes is Chris starts two young horses. Taking them from the initial groundwork through their first few crucial rides. With his characteristic detailed explanation, Chris demonstrates the differing, progressive steps necessary to build each horse’s confidence as they are introduced to the bridle, saddle, and then a rider… Chris Irwin’s Discover Your Horsepower The Horse in Hand DVD“Do the groundwork exercises with horses commonly being taught truly align with and
14 DVD's From"The BEST" Clinton Anderson NEW FUNDAMENTALS BOXED SET Over 28 Hours of Footage! Also Includes: 15 Arena Mates An easy to clean chart with all exercises for your arena wall And a letter from Clinton Anderson Experience horsemanship like never before with the Fundamentals Series It’s Clinton’s signature Method with a new system& improved techniques Jam-Packed with the knowledge you crave. Filmed in High Def. Fundamentals contains over 28 hours of footage, including horsemanship philosophy, round penning, ground work, riding exercises, ensuring you won’t miss a single step to achieving a trustworthy& respectful partner. Each exercise is laid out in the easiest, simplest way to understand, ensuring that you’ll know exactly what steps to take& what you can expect your horse to do when teaching a given exercise. ... moreThis is a must-have if you’re serious about learning. This set brand new costs $600 plus shipping! With this offer you get it for $485 including shipping! I SHIP TO THE LOWER 48 STATES ONLY. I CANNOT SHIP TO HAWAII. ALASKA. PO BOXES. OR MILITARY ADDRESSES CLWB00G9GYMYO
All 3 dvd's from round penning training course from clinton anderson. Dvd's are in great condition wrapped in disc protection. I will ship them 1 day after payment is received. Thank you and happy bidding.
This is an exciting series from Clinton Anderson. Clinton shares his training expertise and shows you how to use the round pen as an integral part of your training program. You’ll learn Clinton’s step-by-step techniques to teach your horse how to: Move your horse forward. Backwards, left and right. The foundation for building respect. Change directions toward you. Walk toward you. Follow wherever you lead! You’ll also learn how your round pen can help make haltering and desensitizing your horse to new things easier on you. Which makes him less spooky.
In this training series. Clinton shares his training expertise and shows you how to use the round pen as an integral part of your training program. You’ll learn Clinton’s step-by-step techniques to teach your horse how to: Move your horse forward. Backwards, left and right. The foundation for building respect. Change directions toward you. Walk toward you. Follow wherever you lead!
Throughout the series. Clinton demonstrates each new exercise and shows a novice student how to achieve similar results. He points out common handler and horse mistakes and tells you how to correct them. He also addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about using a round pen for training. Dvd's are sent in disc wrapper protection sleeve whithin 1 day after payment.
This is a Clinton Anderson bundle dvd listing. You get. Horsemanship 101(6 dvd) Round Penning(3 dvd) leads and Changes(2 dvd) training courses. All of the dvd are in very good condition. And play perfectly. Will ship after 1 day. From the payment of course.
Clinton Andersons' Downunder Horsemanship Program"Round Penning parts 1-3" CD/DVD. In like new pre-owned condition. Contains all three SUPER! DVD's and original box.
3 DVD Set Clinton Anderson- Round Penning Building Confidence and respect Between you and your Horse. Clinton shares his training expertise and shows you how to use the round pen as an integral part of your training program. You'll learn Clinton's step-by-step techniques to teach your horse to move forward. Backward, left and right, the foundation for building respect, and change directions toward you, walk toward you, and follow wherever you lead. You'll also discover how your round pen can help make haltering and desensitizing your horse to new things easier on you. Clinton demonstrates each new exercise, points out common handler and horse mistakes and tells you how to correct them. He also addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about using a round pen for training. 3 hours.
C.ANDERSON-RIDING WITH CONFIDENCE 12 DVD BOXED SET Riding With Confidence Series has been a huge success. And horse owners are very excited to follow along in these Series In this enlightening new series, Clinton builds on the principles of trust, responsiveness and respect instilled in Sethese ries I. You’ll learn seventeen exciting new exercises to advance your training and horsemanship skills. By following Clinton’s sensible, step-by-step instructions for each exercise, you will advance your riding and training skills and see the difference these training techniques can make. Discover how to fine-tune your riding cues to speak to specific areas of your horse’s body. See how simple combinations of basic cues are used to ask for lead departures, serpentines, side passes and more. Learn to correct problems as they arise– before they can interfere ... morewith your progress. Take advantage of Clinton’s Success Tips in order to get the most from each lesson. Every exercise includes detailed demonstrations, as well as an explanation of its importance in the training process and troubleshooting tips for common problems faced by both horse and rider. You’ll be amazed at your horse’s flexibility, willingness and understanding when you’ve mastered the movements Clinton presents in this series. It’s like having a private clinic in your own home! Runtime: 6 hours and 10 minutes.