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Meredith Terranova has been helping her clients reach their nutritional goals since 2004.  Through Meredith's guidance, her clients have reached goals ranging from losing weight to completing Ironman triathlons with the right nutritional strategy. 

Eating healthy and preparing healthy meals at home has been a part of Meredith's lifestyle for many years.  Her passion to share this lifestyle strengthened after taking food science and culinary classes as part of her nutrition degree at University of Houston.  Meredith received her Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Consumer Science from the University of Houston in 1997, followed by her Internship from UH in 1998.

As an ultra-distance runner and swimmer, a healthy lifestyle has become even more important.  By living what she teaches, she has experienced a huge impact on training, performance, and recovery.   This is evident as she continues to see success at every distance from an Ultraman to a 100 mile run in the mountains. 

Meredith is involved in the local athletic community giving free seminars for Team in Training, Colin's Hope, and supportng the Got Guts 5K.  Additionally, she works with local companies on wellness programs to support a healthy nutrition lifestyle and long-term wellness.

Whether your goals are learning to eat healthy, lose weight, or manage your training nutrition, Meredith looks forward to sharing her expertise to help her clients achieve healthy nutritional living.
What to expect when you work with me
Meredith offers a variety of services, which can be customized to meet your goals.  Clients regularly come to Meredith with an interest in weight loss, disease preventation, athletic nutrition and meal planning.  These are good examples of topics that can be covered in a session with Meredith!

Eating and Living Healthy Complete Program
The program includes:

Eating and Living Healthy Organizer: containing handouts, logs, and information you will need during the program and handouts at each meeting – including recipes, and grocery lists.

Session 1:
Meal Planning for a Healthy Lifestyle
Session 2:
Food Labels and What to buy at the Grocery Store
Session 3:
Organizing Your Kitchen and Preparing Healthy Meals (we will be cooking)
Session 4:
Dining In and Dining Out/ Weekends and Holiday Eating
Session 5:
Creating A Clean Diet - Getting in the best of the best
Session 6:
Creating a New Lifestyle for Eating Healthy – Follow-Up

Group discount available!
Individual Consultation
During an individual consultation, I utilize information you send me prior to the appointment to work with you to create a meal plan to help you meet your goals.

Performance Plan
This type of consultation is specifically designed for the athlete who wants to create a nutrition plan to match their training for an upcoming event or a specific race.  Specific areas commonly addressed:

Fuel before, during, and after workouts
Hydration and Electrolyte balance for training and how to alter for different conditions
Taper Nutrition
Raceday Plans
Individual Consultation and Follow Up Session
This package includes one individual consultation plus one in person follow-up.
Individual Consultation and 3 Month Email Follow Up
This package includes one individual consultation plus three months of email follow-up which includes: answers to any questions, consistant follow-up, and food log analysis.
On-Line and Phone Consultation
All of the above consultations are available as either on-line of phone consultations.  This is a great option for out-of-town clients, and clients without time to come in for an appointment.  You will receive the same thorough plan and follow-up as in-person consultations.
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations made 2 days before will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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(5.0 of 5)
(5.0 of 5)
(5.0 of 5)
“I enrolled in the Complete Program in early June 2007. I have been a yo-yo dieter since my late 20s and knew I needed a healthy change at this point in my life. I was ready for a lifestyle change, rather than just a diet. I followed the program faithfully and found it very easy to do. The first thing I noticed was that I was never hungry; in fact, I ate more than ever. I felt better immediately and ... more consistently lost approximately 10 pounds a month. I am confident I will continue with this program for many reasons. I no longer have any stomach problems, which I have suffered from for years. I feel good and have no problem making the best possible choices for my meals. I am constantly referring Meredith and her program. It has truly changed my life!”
"Your nutrition plan was a HUGE part of reaching my goal. So, Thank you very very much for being one of the people who helped me reach my goal of sub 3. And more importantly being the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. I raced Dallas at about 186 lbs and after following the nutrition plan I lined up for Boston at 175 lbs."Ken Fries