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Up for auction is a macpara magus xc 24 meter wing. Approximately 30 hours on it. This is a very nice wing and well taken care of. Reserve is set at $850 Posted with
This was my son's first Powered Paraglider wing. We've had it since 2010. But its exact age and number of flight hours are unknown. It is, however, still relatively crisp and although I'm selling it as a kiting wing, there's a good chance it would still pass inspection. MacPara wings have long been known for their quality and ease of flight and the Muse is no exception. Disclaimer: This is not a toy. Paragliding has by nature a risk of injury or even death associated with it. Buyer assumes all responsibility to either have or obtain the proper training and will hold the seller harmless for any damage or injuries caused either directly or indirectly from this equipment.
MacPara Velvet 26m paragliding wing. Only 35 hours on this beautiful intermediate semi-reflex wing. Very crisp. Has one small tear. But has been patched. Does not effect safety nor flyability. I just flew it this morning. Need to sell as I am moving up to a larger wing. At this price, this will sell quickly. Very efficient and sporty wing.
For Sell As Is MacPara Muse 3- 24m Red Wing. In perfect condition Like NEW. Only used 6 hrs. Really easy launch light wing. Selling only cuz I upgraded to a GTR. video of wing in flight: Muse 3 Powered 21 Muse 3 Powered 24 Muse 3 Powered 26 Muse 3 Powered 28 Muse 3 Powered 31 Muse 3 Powered 34 Zoom flat[ 87, 92, 95.7, 100, 104.5, 111, Area flat[m 2] 21.24, 23.75, 25.7, 28.06, 30.64, 34.57, Area projected[m 2] 19.48, 21.78, 23.56, 25.73, 28.1, 31.7, Span flat[m] 10.31, 10.9, 11.34, 11.85, 12.38, 13.15, Aspect ratio flat, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, Root cord[m] 2.54, 2.69, 2.79, 2.92, 3.05, 3.24, Cells, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, Weight[kg] 4.7, 4.95, 5.1, 5.3, 5.6, 5.9, Weight range powered[kg] 77-100 89-113 100-127 113-147 140-180 153-200 Weight range powered[lbs] 170-220 196-249 220-280 249-324 309-397 337-441 Min. speed[km/h] 23-25, 23-25, 23-25, 23-25, ... more23-25, 23-25, Max. speed[km/h] 36-38, 36-38, 36-38, 36-38, 36-38, 36-38, Top speed(accelerator)km/h] 44-46, 45-47, 45-47, 45-47, 45-47, 45-47, Glide ratio, 8.2, 8.3, 8.3, 8.3, 8.3, 8.3, Min. Sink rate[m/s] 1.05, 1.05, 1.05, 1.05, 1.05, 1.05, Certificate, LTF/EN-A, LTF/EN-A, LTF/EN-A, LTF/EN-A, LTF/EN-A, powered pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 35- 40 Kg
Like New Macpara Eden 4 30 meter paramotor/paragliding wing. This wing has been flown only a couple of times. It has no stains or tears and is in crisp condition. It comes with a stuff sack and has been in a smoke free and air conditioned environment.
This listing includes a Macpara Muse II 30m wing with bag.Custom quad cart, Black Devil motor and Airfer Titanium frame and harness. Low use and Excellent condition. Never dropped, never damaged. Wing has one pinhole patch and a couple replaced lines. Approx 100 hours. Motor has about 40 hours. All included in great condition and ready to fly today. Suitable for pilots 160-250lbs. Black Devil 172cc motor. Cooling Shroud. Tachometer. Air silencer filter box. Titanium Airfer cage and frame. Extra propeller brand new. This PPG can be removed from the cart easily for foot launch. I am willing to sell without the cart or the wing. Feel free to contact by email or phone for questions. 4 8 0- 2 1 7- 2 7 6 4. Located in Chandler Arizona. Local pickup free. Personal delivery is $0.40 per mile. I can ship the paramotor for $250. Cart will ship separately ... morefor additional $100.
MacPara Eden 4 paraglider or paramotor wing.
Chronos: Passionate Performance The Chronos is a modern day paramotor specific glider with extraordinary maneuverability. Speed and stabilityChronos: Passionate Performance The Chronos is a modern day paramotor specific glider with extraordinary maneuverability. Speed and stability. The light and sporty handling offers easy takeoff and landings to make it a perfect glider for advanced intermediate pilots. The design of the Chronos included carefully selected airfoils combined with special reinforcement technology. The result of all these factors makes the Chronos an all-time favorite among skilled ppg pilots. The Latest Technology The construction using diagonal ribs and a system of load-bearing tapes keep the canopy stable and clean for maximum efficiency through the air. The benefit of this new technology is increased glide and lower fuel ... moreconsumption. The canopy has 58 cells and has an elliptical form with an aspect ratio of 5.2. The canopy is very resistant to collapse. But it retains sporty handling in all trim settings. The upper cascade is made from unsheathed lines. Thin top lines and smaller sizes of canopy help to achieve higher speeds. Specially designed airfoils with smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained by Mylar reinforcement combined with plastic rods provide extraordinary glide ratio and stability. Outstanding Handling Features The Chronos is equipped with a 4 point risers system and trimmers. The risers are equipped with a compensator to correct tilting moments and to stabilize the canopy in flight at higher cruising speeds. The new design makes the Chronos very roll stable. For minimum sink rate and low fuel consumption the trimmers should be pulled down. The open position of trim decreases the angle of attack and increases cruising speed. Different Brakes for Added Performance A special brake-system of flaps on the portion of trailing edge is a new design. This helps the glider to achieve extremely low minimum speed. This is a great improvement for easy launch and landing and also aids
I have a 2008 MacPara Eden 4 powered. 28 meter wing for sale. I bought the wing new from a dealer. There are 108 hours on the wing, always launched and landed on grass only. The wing is in perfect condition, it has never been repaired. Original stuff sack and pack sack included. I loved flying this wing but just bought a smaller one and can't afford having the spare sitting around. That is the only reason for the sale. This is the powered model. Please ask any questions that come to mind and refer to MacPara's website for manufacture details on the wing. Thanks,RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*4a24%60%3C%3E-146bd4c98a3-0x10a-
I purchased this wing in July of 2012. It has less than 35 hours of ground training. My instructor gave it a motored test flight, and I completed 1 free flight from Heavener Mt in OK in September of 2012. It has been stored in the knap sack indoors in conditioned space and is in like new condition. I wasn’t able to train or fly, in 2013 I never even took it out of the knap sack. I took it out early this year to take photos to put on ebay and am just now getting around to posting the ad. Rucksack. Speed-bar, repair items included. Rated at 85-110 kg or 187- 242 lbs I also have a Training Helmet and Harness. And the Powered Paragliding Bible. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE 336.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3E336-1477db13fa6-0x118-
Up for auction is a 28 square meter MacPara Eden 4. With the orange, yellow and black color scheme. It has a total of 17 hours and 40 minutes of flight time and is in pristine condition with no snags, rips, tears or repairs. It comes with a MacPara stuff sack. Follow the link for specs and full details at This auction has no reserve. I will refund any difference in shipping costs that end up being less than $100.
I've used this wing for Paramotoring and works great with my AirConception Ultra 130. Super easy no wind launches as the wing practically inflates itself. Extremely stable for someone that wants a perfect combination of safety and performance. Mac Para Muse 3- 28 Beginner/Intermediate The Mac Para Muse 3 is a perfect beginner and intermediate canopy! Some people say it is that easy to fly. That it looks like it´s flying on its own! The wing is extremely safe and stable and is LTF/EN-A certified, and is thereby also a good choice for freeflight pilots who want to enjoy their flights instead of being concentrated on possible collapses and being worried about what will be coming next. The glider is even that safe and stable, that some pilots recommend this wing to learn acrobatics! When we are looking at performance. The Muse 3 is performing ... morereally well! This is because of a new airfoil which has a better stability and glide ratio! The leading edge in improved with plastic rods for better inflation and less chance to frontal collapse while flying at high speeds. The light brake pressure gives smooth and easy turnings. When it comes to take-offs, the glider will inflate and rise easily, but the pilot might need to use a little bit brake to prevent the wing from going overhead. All sizes are EN-A and LTF-A certified. Except from 34m2. The wing has 45 cells and a top speed of 38 Km/h. 28m2 = 113 Kg– 147 Kg*
Selling my 2013 MacPara Eden 5. 30 meter. Color Grey. Glider is in great shape with about 35 hours of mixed free flight and motor. The Eden 5 has incredible performance combined with top end saftey. The. Only reason I'm selling it is because I bought one exactly like it in red! Comes with all factory included accessories. Stuff sack Roll bag Unused repair kit Speed bar Cinch strap This glider retails for 3550.00 plus shipping. Steal it today! If buy it now option is used then I will ship it for free anywhere in the lower 48. Here's a vid showing the glider
This MacPara MUSE 3- 28 wing was not used for training- i did my training and then purchased this wing. I have lost alot of weight and can fly on a smaller wing. The wing was purchased Aug 2013. Color is Red. It's stored indoors and well cared for- you will not be disappointed. I will fold it like the factory does for shipping. The speed bar(not shown) is included. See macpara website for details.
Excellent condition Axis Pluto 21 PPG Wing. I'm the original owner and this wing has split airtime with other wings that I own. Very easy inflating wing and quite sporty. Good for beginner through intermediate pilots. I've also used this wing for paragliding(good in stronger conditions due to its speed) I flew this wing with an all-up weight of 250 lbs(w/ motor) See Jeff Goin's Review here: Wing will be shipped in a well protected box to all 50 states priority mail and fully insured.
MacPara Muse 3(28) ENA. Manufactured in 2013, approximately 25 hours, excellent condition, no damage, no issues. Great entry level wing for both PPG and PG. Retails new for $3195. Get a good as new wing for almost $1000 less. Will include a MacPara stuff sack as well. Selling to buy an ENB wing. Don't hesitate to ask any questions-happy to assist the right person to get this great paraglider PG and PPG are inherently dangerous activities. Don't consider buying this paraglider or similar items without having(or making arrangements to get) the proper training.
Here is your chance to get an inexpensive wing that still has life left in it. For sale is a MacPara Eden II 28m wing. With 200-250 hours on it. Since it was last flown several years ago it has been stored in the stuff sack in my garage and taking up space. I would recommend this wing for anyone in the 170-210 lb weight range. It's DHV 1-2, making it a beginner/intermediate wing; it's quite a safe wing, yet fun to fly. Red on top, white on bottom. Two cells and lines were damaged once, and they were professionally repaired by Paramotor City. You can't even see the repair. Comes with the yellow stuff sack. Shipping cost is $35 to the lower 48; local pickup is free. There is no reserve price.
Powered Paraglider PPG Wing. Great performance wing for ppg pilot all up at 250+lbs though I enjoyed this wing at 225 lbs all up. Good. Carefully used condition. 3 replaced lines all stretched.were accidentally nicked, not cut by miniplane prop) Approximately 25 hours in total on wing. No damage or other repairs. I fly out of Arizona so there may be some dust on the wing that we out here have just become accustomed to. Technical description: The Spice was specifically designed for paramotoring. With emphasis on stability, maximum speed, and of course, excellent maneuverability. The Muse and Eden 2 have both built a formidable reputation for use under power and the Spice completes our range as a high performance paramotoring glider. Newly developed airfoils have allowed for higher speed and for low fuel consumption. Immediate and precise reaction ... moreto control input. Maneuverability, easy take-offs with ample lift, and easy landings reflect the properties of the new Spice. The Spice has 63 cells and an aspect ratio of 5.8. The construction uses diagonal ribs. Depowering lines" and line configuration as used for the Intox. Colours and designs are the same as those used for the Magus. The Spice comes with a 4 point riser system and is equipped with special split A risers giving more stability by accelerated flight. Of course it also helps for big-ears. Spice 25 Zoom flat[ 100 Area flat[m2] 25.03 Area projected[m2] 21.96 Span flat[m] 12.05 Aspect ratio flat 5.8 Root cord[m] 2.61 Cells 63 Weight[kg] 6.4 Weight range[kg] 120-150 Weight range[lbs] 265-331 Min. speed[km/h] 26-27 Max. speed[km/h] 41-44 Top speed(accelerator)km/h] 57-62 Glide ratio 8.5 Min. Sink rate[m/s] 1.10 Certificate* AFNOR PERFORMANCE
Just not using this wing. Good condition. Has one pinhole patch and 2 replaced lines. All stretched. Excellent wing with approximately 50 hours. Includes nice field stuff sack. Suggested all up weight is 220-287 lbs. Excellent beginner wing.
Macpara eden 4-28 used only for kiting about 5 times. Nice glider. I am relocating and don't have time for this hobby. Priced to sell.
Great Wing. Less than 1 year old. Original owner. Cones with manual. Stuff sack, etc. tons of fun to fly. Easy inflation and launch. Photos are of actual wing. Feel free to ask questions Free shipping in USA! 100% perfect feedback.
Your bidding on a USED Macpara Muse 3 Orange-Red-White-Black 26M Powered Paraglider. The glider has about 45 hours on it. Selling for a student who has purchased a more advanced glider. Glider is like new condition with minor grass stains and wear. Glider has never been damaged! These gliders retail for $3195 plus $45 for shipping. Good Luck If you have questions call Brian 703-963-7389
Your bidding on a Macpara Muse 3 28Meter powered paraglider. Wing has 80 hours on it. Normal wear. Risers have an extra pulley to lower your reach. This is set up for a trike or foot launch. The risers are an upgrade. Wing is in excellent condition. Selling for a local pilot that has several gliders and no longer uses this wing. If you have questions contact Brian at 703-963-7389 Happy Bidding!
MacPara Envy 2 size 28 from 2009(naked pilot 69-91 kg; in flight weight 88-110 kg) Could be used also on PPG(117-147 kg)Very good condition. Crisp material without damages ao repairs on wing. Some lines and one brake with outer shell damaged(I bought them orinals from MacPara-included in package, see the picture) comes with backpack, concertina bag, manual and repairing kit. Flown about 120 hours. I can't mentain a level of training for this wing. I am looking for an EN A wing. For more details look on youtube for this: watch?v=11pMZFm72QQ Please send me message for shipping details.