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Q: What would be the absolute best possible reserve parachute for a"big-boy" paraglider pilot or PPG pilot to have? A: A High Energy Sports ... moreQuantum 440 with paragliding risers. No need to modify it! It is the world's best reserve parachute. With lines& risers specially engineered for the needs of a pilot in a paraglider harness. In fewer words. It's ideal. Engineered and built by Bill Gargano and Betty Pfeiffer at High Energy Sports. The Paraglider Version of the Quantum Parachute has shorter lines that connect directly to'V-risers' aka'split risers' which then link directly to the shoulders of your paragliding harness. The Quantum 440 for PG has 22 spectra lines. This means that 11 lines go to each side of the riser set(total: 22 lines. 11 to each shoulder) The centerline also has a'y'shaped split so that the apex is evenly pulled down by the right and left riser sets. This arrangement allows the PG pilot to be attached to the parachute in the same way that a skydiver would descend under such a parachute.with the focal point(s) of the lines being at the pilot's right and left shoulders. In contrast. A'typical' reserve parachute for paragliding has a bridle of about 4 feet with a loop at the end. This 4 foot bridle is linked to a"y-bridle, common in paragliding, which then connects to the two shoulders of the PG harness. This arrangement, while quite common in the PG world, is not controllable or steerable because there is a'constriction' to a single bridle between the pilot and the canopy.which is less than ideal. ~~~~~~~~“Brand New” This extra-large Quantum 440 emergency reserve parachute with split risers is brand new. Clean, and 100% undamaged. This parachute was built to the most up-to-date contemporary standards of materials and workmanship, with V-tab construction, Spectra lines, and two V-shaped Type 18 Nylon paragliding bridle sets(or riser sets) The bridle/riser set is 100% clean and it is 100% undamaged. The deployment bag is 100% c
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i sell PD silhouette 210. Only 30 jumps
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Selling an almost new Precision Aerodynamics Falcon 150 canopy. Fuchsia/pink and Blue. It has less than 50 jumps and is in excellent like new condition. Was manufactured in Jan. 2000 and jumped a few times until 2002. It has been sitting in a closet since then. No UV damage. No rips, tears or repairs that I can see. Lines are like new with slinks attached. No risers. Slider has one small stain as shown in the picture. Get an outstanding deal on a great parachute! Retail for this canopy is over $1200. Huge discount by buying slightly used. Disclaimer: You are buying this canopy WITHOUT warranty. Expressed or implied. Sometimes parachutes fail. But as a skydiver you already know that and are competent to asses, or have a qualified rigger asses, this canopies' air worthiness before jumping. Right? I don't have to tell you this sport ... moreis dangerous correct? No, I don't have to tell you but I am! Don't bu y this canopy if you don't know how to operate it. A.R.R. Precision's Popular All-Purpose 9 Cell Canopy The Falcon 9 cell canopy was introduced by Precision Aerodynamics in 1986. The canopy was designed utilizing the same successful"sizing techniques" which had become so popular in the Raven main/reserve. The idea of producing a different canopy size for a specific weight range was quickly picked up by other manufacturers. The Falcon blueprints call for F-111 fabric and either Dacron or Spectra suspension line. The canopy is available in nine different model sizes. Ranging from 120 to 300 square feet. The larger canopies. When jumped at the lower end of the weight range, provide docile and forgiving flight characteristics making the Falcon ideal for use by students and novice jumpers. The Falcon is a favorite canopy many drop zone's Accelerated Freefall applications. When jumped at the upper end of the weight range, the airfoil transforms into a zippy sportster mode, while maintaining predictable dynamic flight stability and soft and easy landings. The airfoil and aspect ratio are
This is a Precision Aerodynamics BATWING 153 main canopy. The good news.low number of jumps. About 350 I think, white lines, canopy in great shape, flys and opens great with no issues. I bought it used last year and jumped it all summer and winter, maybe 50 jumps. I had it in my back-up rig. It is a 9-cell, Zero-P, fully eliptical high performance canopy, made by Precision Aerodynamics in Dunlap, TN. In it's day, it was the"state of the art" high-performance canopy. It was manufactured July 1997. It is sold on a set of velcro-less risers, ready to hook up. Just add a D-bag& pilot chute, and jump! Please email me with any other questions you may have. I am happy to email more pics of everything. I am a motivated seller and can negotiate a little, but this is a great canopy and I will not be giving it away. I accept PAYPAL ... moreonly. Shipping will be FREE to the lower 48 states, and additional costs elsewhere. Any questions, feel free to ask before bidding! Now I am offering this canopy included as a complete rig assembly on another auction. So if you need a complete may wish to take a look. It is a bargain! So I reserve the right to end this auction if the complete rig, including this canopy, sells. DISCLAIMER! Skydiving is a high risk and dangerous activity. One can get hurt or die! Purchase and use of this equipment releases the seller of any liability.o Posted with
Diablo 110 main parachute by aeodyne research. 7 cell semi elliptical main canopy. This main is brand new. ONLY 50 JUMPS! The best part about this canopy is the zero p used is not super slippery even when new so it's a dream to pack. Doesn't require any fussing and rolling when packing, opens like a dream every time, nice and soft. After opening it's a zippy little canopy, super fun to fly! Crank out those turns, it'll do it. You can be a crazy as you want. It's very versatile. People are comfortable enough with this to jump Wingsuits, cameras and do crw but it's still fun enough to please people who want those fast turns. I have included a photo from the net of a canopy in flight so you can see the airfoil. The one not in flight is the actual canopy in the auction. I have included a lot of detail shots do you can ... moresee how new this is. Lines are white. No wear on grommets, slider kill line etc. Colors are neon blue, neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow then repeats. Slider neon blue kill line. Auction for canopy only. US BIDDERS: I will ship to paypal verified address only. Insuance required. Signature verification required. This protects both of us. OVERSEAS BIDDERS: If you ARE NOT in the US and are interested in bidding on this item. Please contact me first. I usually do not ship overseas, but I might consider it if we discuss it prior to the end of auction. I WILL NOT however, accept paypal for overseas buyers so we will need to work out another option. Posted with eBay Mobile
Stiletto 135 by Performance Designs dom 2004. very good condition. 350-400 jumps. line in very good condition. Since its release. The Stiletto has become the most sought after high performance"elliptical" nine cell canopy in the world. Whether it's the soft openings, responsiveness, extremely fast rate of turn, flat glide, or incredible landing capabilities, the Stiletto is the canopy of choice for those pilots who have taken the time(and jumps) to hone their piloting skill.
Para-Flite ROBO-Z 165 Hybrid 9 cell. This a is a DOM 1991 parachute that has only 50 jumps. It's not the latest. Nor the greatest, but it's a great, inexpensive beginner canopy. ZP topskin. F111 bottom skin- it's a hybrid 9 cell parachute, similar to the PD Silhouette, Packs like a 150 ZP canopy, recommended for up 175lbs exit weight- if you load it any heavier. The landings will suck, Again. I repeat: Not the latest, not the greatest- but a good beginner canopy for a light jumper.
Canopy only. Container not included. This Nitron 98 has only 33 jumps on it with light wing loading and is like new. No tears. Snags, or holes. It is turquios and lemon with lemon ribs and a lemon slider. The bright colors make it easy to see both from the air and on the ground. It is responsive and fun to fly. Soft openings. Packed indoors. Stored away from direct sunlight. Sells new for $1.828. U.S. Shipping only Manufacturer- Precision Aerodynamics DOM- Dec 2005 Serial# 85543449
Used. Never deployed Precision Aerodynamics Raven II micro-line reserve canopy serial#02322238. 218 sq. ft. 467- pack volume depending how much work your rigger wants to do(2 pound chicken/three pound egg trick) Manufactured November 9. 1993 with deployment bag. Pilot chute, bridle and connector links and taken out of the container for these photos. I will not flake out the canopy for photos. It has not been wet and has been stored in the house. Precision Aerodynamics mandatory service bulletin SB1221 has been complied with. last Inspection and re-pack date of July 8. 2002(seems like yesterday) This would also make a good pilot emergency canopy. This canopy MUST be inspected and installed by your certified rigger before use or YOU MIGHT DIE. Sold without reserve(why have a reserve on a reserve? Shipped to lower 48 for $10. Since I am not ... moretaking the canopy out of the D-bag I will add that If this canopy. Bag, pilot chute, lines etc. is not as described I will give the buyer a full refund including the shipping cost if returned within 14 days. Questions, ask away!