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Custom Bike Tours in Austin and Fredericksburg

An immersive experience unfolding in time at a genteel pace. Serene respites and epicurean delights with all luxe services carrying you through the tour experience. Each tour engenders an old world feeling of personal service while utilizing current conveniences.

Carefree cycling recalling a simpler time. Being present outside connecting with nature. Kinetic movement building energy. A tour experience invites the childhood joy of freedom on a bicycle. An active vacation from everyday life or a unique celebratory event.

The unfamiliar sparking new ideas, of enjoyment and motivation. Knowledge acquisition fanning the flame. Tours focus on surroundings germane to a selected experience. Even if the tour takes you to a familiar place, seeing surrounds perched on a bicycle while traveling with other guests provides a different perspective.

An agreeable diversion from the usual punctuated with delight, laughter, and new knowledge. Each tour provides a taste of adventure for a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. The tour focus deepens with relevant activities designed to immerse our guests in the experience.
  • You tell us what you want to experience while cycling in the countryside of Austin, Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg.
  • We create a concept of that cycling experience for you based on your preferences along with your cycling experience and comfort on a bike.
  • A local TXBT crew member is selected to ride with you as a guide for the route and a narrator about the area. You will be cycling with a new friend who knows the area.
  • Photography, ride nutrition are provided. SAG is available if needed and priced separately.
East of Austin is in the Blackland Prairie and is relatively flat compared to the west side of Austin which is the beginning of the hill country. We plan rides for a single or groups, ... morein the flats for a country feel without the challenges of hills, and/or in the hill country with low rolling hills or deeper into the hill experience with vistas that open up before you. There isn't a set description as each cycling experience we create is specific to the guests' requests. Tell us what you want to have happen on your mileage ride east of Austin, west of Austin...all the way to Fredericksburg and beyond. We enjoy the creative process. Let us create with you.
Medium, Challenging, Difficult
Flat to rolling, Hilly, Very hilly
  • Pathfinders are locals who ride with you as a "friend". The experience may be customized based on guests' preferences.
  • All tours include a pathfinder with appropriate luxe support crew, custom route, narrations about Austin, homemade surprises from our crew, and photography at no additional charge.
  • You may bring your own bike or let us know and we'll hire a bike for you and deliver if you like at an additional charge.
The tour brings into your line of vision that which makes Austin unique – openness and acceptance without judgment. A brief look at downtown Austin and adjacent districts and neighborhoods ... morein the west, north, east and south. This includes many Austin landmarks, entertainment districts, natural and man-made sites as well as the capitol and The University of Texas. As you cycle, you experience the edge of the hill country and the flatness of the blackland prairie as Austin sits between these two regions of Texas. 

The experience begins with a custom bike fit at a local bike shop to ensure you have a casual carefree ride. Rather than a bike ride, we want you to be in the city on a bike. (We will hire a bike for you at an additional charge.)

From there, we ride NW through a quiet neighborhood with opportunities to see and climb on a project dedicated to street art and to hear about and perhaps experience a dirt bike park. Heading S, we move past public art, ride over the Colorado River and cycle beside the river on the hike and bike trail to Zilker Park with Barton Springs pool.

Traveling E on city streets or on the hike and bike trail, we head to the SoCo entertainment and shopping district stopping for look-see at Jo’s Coffee Shop, home of the well known “I love you so much” mural. We could move further south to explore this district or head N to cross the Colorado again to travel along the trail to the Rainey Street District. Literally completely different from SoCo except they are both highly entertaining. Your pathfinder will continually fill you in on the history and local lore of each district.

After Rainey, “Dirty 6th” is just a few blocks away. We could cycle down 6th or travel on the more bike-friendly 4th street. Periodically during the tour, your pathfinder will give you choices of paths to take. This is one of those times. We could then head north through or beside downtown Congress Avenue to the capitol and then on to The University and Drag area.

From there we roll downhill through a quiet neighborhood back to the start with big smiles on our faces. Riding a bike and smiling go together.

How much we see and ride is driven by the pace chosen by you as our guests.
Mostly flat
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