Town Lake - Lady Bird Trail

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Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin boasts the infamous Town Lake Trail – a loop of 10 miles that houses smaller distance loops within. Distances of runs,
bikes or hikes can be shortened by turning off the main trail on a number of pedestrian friendly bridges – or by retracing steps backwards at half way of
desired distance. The trail has served for years and continues to serve as a social location for walkers, hikers, runners, pet-owners and cyclists.
Along the trail are notable landmark areas that also serve as meeting points for various training groups, and activities that take place along the trail. A
Memorial at Auditorium Shores honors the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, an iconic blues musician.

The easiest way to navigate distance on the trail is choosing one of the six main start and stop points. Mopac bridge at Austin High School, Pfluger
Bridge, South 1 Dam are the locations most commonly referred to for distance measurements of runs.

From Mopac to Pfluger Bridge is 2.9 miles, from Mopac to South 1
from Mopac to Congress is 4.5, from Mopac to IH35 is 6.9 and from Mopac
to Longorn Dam is 10.15.

From Pfluger Bridge to Mopac 2.9 miles, from Pfluger Bridge to South 1
miles, from Pfluger Bridge to Congress is 1.9 miles, from Pfluger Bridge to
IH35 is 4.3 miles, from Pfluger Bridge to Longhorn Dam is 7.5 miles.

From South 1 Bridge to Pfluger is 1.5 miles, from South 1 miles, from South 1
to Longhorn Dam is 6.4 miles.

From Congress Avenue Bridge to Mopac is 4.5 miles, from Congress to Pfluger is 1.9 miles, from Congress to South 1
IH35 is 2.8 miles, from Congress to Longhorn Dam is 6 miles.

1st Street Bridge, Congress Avenue Bridge, IH35 and Longhorn
1st Street Bridge to Mopac is 4.1 miles, from South 1st Street Bridge to 3.1 miles, from South 1
From IH35 to Mopac is 6.9 miles, from IH35 to Pfluger is 4.3 miles, from IH35 to South 1
to Longhorn Dam is 4 miles, From Longhorn Dam to Mopac is 10.15 miles, from Longhorn Dam to Pfluger
7.5 miles, from Longhorn Dam to South 1, Congress 6 miles, IH35 is 4 miles.

Notable stops and attractions along the trail besides the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue at dog friendly Auditorium Shores include the Union Pacific Rail Bridge, the rounded pedestrian bridge at mile marker 1, the picturesque gazebo at Lou Neff Point that overlooks the lake as well as the Austin Skyline. and is enveloped in tree lined gazebo covers with benches underneath, Zilker Park, the Texas Rowing Center, the spiraled Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, Waller Creek Boathouse, Mexican American Cultural Center, Mendoza Baseball Field, the Congress Avenue Bridge – home to the famous Austin bats, and the newly improved Boardwalk.

One of the more popular meeting points for running and training groups is “The Rock” at the North end of the Roberta Crenshaw Pedestrian bridge underneath Mopac. Parking is usually easy, especially on weekends as the Austin High parking and tennis area provides ample room for cars. Parking is also available on both sides of the road and while the trail is a popular place, the rotation of runners allows for a steady stream of open parking spots as runners leave. The Rock area boasts restrooms as well. There are multiple water fountains available, benches used for sitting/ resting as well as
stretching and exercising, designated stretching areas and even a runner’s shower.
Trail Features:
Water fountains
Dog friendly
Trail Distance:
10 miles
Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel
Lake Features:
Shallow water
Picnic tables
Water fountains
Programs Meeting Here
Saturday long runs only (no speed workouts during the week)
Program Coaches:
As a full-time member, you compete with other teammac runners in road races and relays throughout the year. We focus on both a fall marathon and a spring marathon, and spring training ... morealways includes a training program for Boston each year. During the summer, we focus on faster speedwork and compete at track meets and faster.
Group training on 4 days each week: 2 speed sessions, 1 long run workout, and 1 water running workout

You should have a mileage base of about 30 miles per week before joining teammac. It can be made up of easy running or some speedwork, as prior speed training is not a requirement to join.
Program Coaches:
Running Events:
Age Group:
Running Terrain:
Road, Trail, Track
Running Distances:
1 K, 1 Mile, 3 K, 5 K, 4 Mile, 8 K / 5 Mile, 10 K, 15 K, Half Marathon, Marathon
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Running Events:
Running, Strength
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