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26 miles
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Kick off your Season! challenging bike course with killer climbs Beautiful Texas Hill country views run in canyon park along the lake and oak trees... more

Course Description: Intermediate Distance Race

Swim 1000 meters
Bike 26.85 miles
Run 5.8 miles

The Swim – 1000 meters

Wetsuit Strongly Recommended – Average morning water temperature during March is 50-65 degrees for this area of the lake. Hypothermia is a risk without a wetsuit.

The swim course takes place in Canyon Lake starting from the boat dock at the end of transition in Canyon Park.

The course is a triangle staying primarily in the bay cove area. Swim buoys mark the course.

The swim is a time trial. Swimmers will start every 3-5 seconds. Swimmers are grouped by gender and age category. Multiple age categories may be paired dependig on numbers. Swimmers have the option to start more towards the front, middle or back of their group depending on their swimming ability.

A team of lifeguards and kayakers will provide support on the course. Coast Guard support will keep boaters from the area.

The course has two left turns before heading back to the boat ramp to exit.

Wetsuits are legal in USAT events for non-Pro participants without penalty in water temperatures up to and including 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Non-pro participants may wear a wetsuit in temperatures between 79-84 degrees but are not eligible for awards. No participants shall wear a wetsuit in temperatures higher than 84 degrees. We will take and announce the water temperature on race morning. The average morning water temperature for Canyon Lake in this cove in March is 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. The average air temperature for March is 60 degrees with an average range from 49-71 degrees. The lake depth will range from an average of 20 feet to 55 feet at a maximum.


• Located at the top of the boat ramp. Steep incline.
• Transition area will be divided by age groupings and gender.
• Bike out is at the opposite end.
• For safety reasons you must walk your bike into and out of transition. There will be clearly marked mount and dismount lines.
• Listen to race officials in transition. Be courteous of other racers.

The Bike – 26.85 miles

• The course is one loop. The course is a difficult, challenging, FUN course with serious climbs and descents providing gorgeous hill country views. Police officers will be present at all intersections directing traffic and helping to ensure safety. The course contains all right hand turns except when exiting and entering the park.
• No drafting. You must keep at least three bike lengths between you and the cyclist in front of you. If you pass the person in front, you must do so within 15 seconds.
• Stay to the right unless passing a cyclist.
• If someone passes you, allow three bike lengths between you and the cyclist
who passed you before attempting to pass. In other words, you have to exit
the draft zone from the rear before you attempt to pass.

• Immediately prior to the turnoff on to Purgatory Rd. from FM 32 there is a 1.2 mile stretch with no shoulder and bumps along the right edge. This stretch will be one way but demands caution from the cyclist.

• Approximately 1 mile after turning off of Purgatory Rd. onto FM 306 there is a very steep decline. You will reach 40+ mph. Take caution while descending. FM 306 traffic can get heavy and fast. We will work with traffic control to make this as safe as possible. It is the
cyclist’s responsibility to follow the rules of the road.
• Caution: This course is technical and hilly. Be aware of traffic on 306. Officers and volunteers will be present on the course.

Bike and Helmet Inspections :

• There will be no mandatory bike or helmet inspection. Each racer is expected to ensure that his or her bike and helmet is in safe and proper working condition. Bike shop mechanics will be onsite during packet pickup and on race morning to assist with any needed repairs. Please make sure your bike handlebars have bar end plugs. You will not be allowed to race
without them.
• All participants must wear a helmet that meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Helmets must be securely fastened before mounting your bike. You can be disqualified for not wearing your helmet.

Bike Aid Station

Corner of Purgatory Rd and Elkridge Rd.

Water, gatorade and Clif Products

The Run – 5.8 miles

The run course is TWO loops on the peripheral paved roads within Canyon Park. The park is not open to the public at this time of year so no cars will be in the park. Beautiful views of
Canyon Lake and the park exist throughout the run course.

Run Course Aid Stations

• Aid stations will have water, Gatorade and Clif products.
• Run course and finish line will have aid stations.
• Run course aid station will be located as you are exiting transition onto the course and midway along each loop.

Finish Line

• Water and Gatorade will be provided at the finish line.
• Fruit snacks will be available.
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