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This are a very slightly used pair of 2012 Ronix District Wakeboard Boots. I bought them for myself and only used them 2 times I think. They look brand new and If I did not tell you that they were used you would think that they were new. They are the WHITE version. They are mens size 7.5 to 11.5. They are open tow boots. You get the pair of boots as well as the thumb bolts that are used to mount to YOUR board. You do NOT get a wakeboard with these boots. The shipping is only 9.95. Thanks for looking.
Used Ronix wakeboard bindings. Size 10-14. No broken parts. They work perfect! Any questions. Just ask me! Posted with
These bindings are in fair condition. And show wear. On one of the bindings part of the fabric in the boot has separated from the foam but this dose not cause any problems functionally. Size 5-8.5 with bolts on 6" center. I got a new board and don't need these anymore. Happy Bidding!
In great condition only saw two summers on the lake at minimum use. Binding Size is 8-12.
Selling this Wakeboard; I moved away from the water and I have no need for it anymore. Used it for one season. Probably 10 times. Great condition.
Immaculate Ronix Viva 140 wakeboard and Ronix District 7.5-11.5 open boots. The board is sick. Its fast and smooth and has a lot of pop. The ease with which it maneuvers at speed is just flat out fun. Carving is swift. Smooth, and predictable. It is VERY quick, but very stable. The boots are just what we found at the shop are the best all around boots. Lightweight, VERY comfortable, and easy to get in/out of with the best feel. Closed toes are fine, I just had more comfort and control with these and used them on all my boards. They're cushy but not spongy. no"hotspots" after a half hour of straight wear, not even big red toes. Just awesome. Bought as a set, used a dozen times maybe. Broken leg will have me out for the rest of the summer. Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns. Shipping is going to be a ... morebear, but I'll set a price and I'll cover the rest. Thanks for the interest!
Please note: This is a used board and has scratches. There is a scratch on the tail of the board that we filled to ensure the integrity of the board. It did not need to be done but to be safe we took the time just in case. Take the time to look at the pictures they are of the actual board. he Ronix District Park Wakeboard is one serious board. Built specifically for the cable park. This board features a wider surface area as well as built in flutes, so that you get more float and a cleaner lift with less pressure on air tricks. This board has a bigger sweet spot for a truer nose or tail press, and less swing weight for throwing down crazy spins off some kickers.
Great bindings. Have been worn once or twice but show very minimal signs of use. Size 9-11 mens. Flexible, easy to get into, and extremely comfortable. Best pair of bindings I've had.
Excellent used condition! Ronix District 2011 Bindings. Only worn twice! Open toe creation combining 3-D molded tongue support and comfort of the Kai boot liner. Shell construction similar to the new Divide boot. Made from high memory stage 2 liner with an even stronger molecular make up. Keeping the boot's intended shape. Revolutionary Ronix fit has low friction, easy to lace up eyelets. The original low profile design has superior board control and is ultra light for reduced overall swing weight. Built in J bars improve heel hold. Articulating cuff- the boot flexes with the rider. Tool-less mounting system! Flex rating = 6(1- softer/mobility, 10- stiffer/responsive) The feet belts are free from the outer shell, so it draws your foot into the heel pocket and holds it tight. Ronix's baseless system design makes Ronix bindings 1/3 ... morelower in height and weight compared to standard wake board bindings offering lower swing weight and superior board control. Size 10.5-14.5 a;06d2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28%3Ea%3B06d2-148edbfe742-0x10f-
139 parks board District bindings fits US sizes 8.5-11 The latest in rocker lines focuses on one thing: glide speed.By lowering the rocker. Ronix created more contact with the water, reducing the amount of drag. A supersized sweet spot with the most amount of surface area in a high-end Ronix board, this all new Parks collection is the easiest riding signature board out there. Historically, Parks designed boards where the lift came from the attack angle the board generated, but some riders felt they had too much resistance with the water even though the boards had a lot of effective edge. This new series has the least amount of drag of any of Ronix's men's boards and features Parks' widest profile to date. The result is a board with high water speed that leaves the wake with less work. Now.you can naturally travel off the peak ... moreof the kicker with more forward momentum. The glide speed is similar to the One board, but with a tighter overall feel when edging and more bite leaving the wake. The fastest, most stable, easy-to-ride board our sport's gnarliest rider has ever endorsed, this is also one of the strongest edging boards in the Ronix line courtesty of its unique variable rail and deeper channels outside the fins 0fe.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d70f%2B%3E0fe-1491373e092-0x108-
The Ronix District Wakeboard Bindings were designed with the everyday rider in mind. Once you slip on these red-hot beauties. You'll see that the comfort of the 3D molded tongue and support provided by the double lacing and built-in J-bars is completely undeniable. Daylight savings to daylight savings, shred everyday with all your buddies in the Ronix District Wakeboard Bindings. Flex 6/10 Flex Rating- A softer boot for a not-so-soft man Fit Ronix Fit- A revolutionary fit that blends town and country Built-in J-bars improve heel hold Liner& Lacing New Double X Lacing- Provides a more customized fit. Improved wear resistance and tensile strength High Memory Stage 2 Liner- Made with a superior molecular makeup to keep the boots' intended shape over time 3D molded tongue Viva boot liner Baseplate Ronix Baseless System- The original ... morelow profile design delivers superior board control and is ultra light for reduced overall swing weight. Additional Features Low friction eyelets We offer a test center at Sun Sports+. This center offers higher end items for customers to try before they purchase. This item is from our test center. It has be skied or ridden a limited number of times and may have some minimal scratches and or dings that are cosmetic in nature only. We offer a test center at Sun Sports+. This center offers higher end items for customers to try before they purchase. This item is from our test center. It has be skied or ridden a limited number of times and may have some minimal scratches and or dings that are cosmetic in nature only.
LIQUID FORCE PS3 137 WAKEBOARD Great condition only used a few times. Some slight discoloration on the bottom but other than that it is in great condition. Ronnie District bindings black(9-11) Great condition only used a few times. VERY minimal signs of wear and tear.
2014 Ronix District Wakeboard size 138cm Rider Ability- Beginner to Advanced Rider Weight: 155-200lbs Original Retail- $349.99 Your Price- $169.95 District: A new shape with the same philosophy- a board with a rare trait of adapting to your style of riding. With our second generation District- feel even more confident this unique shape is ready to jump on the gas. Or hit the brake when you are. Ever ride a new shape and your bro asks what you think of it? You aren't sure because you need a couple more sessions to really get used to the board? Most boards are intentionally shaped for a set style. Or ability level. Now you can ride without stereotypes with our slimmed down thinner profiled new District. This board has a 3-stage lift in the center, with a continuous outer rail that pushes the board into the rider. You feel the speed of the ... morecontinuous rocker and the vertical lift of a 3-stage. If a rider comes in with a lot of angle, the our continuous profile handles this extra speed. In the board is flattened out coming into the wake- the 3-stage rocker kicks in. This is a series you don't have to really stand on to create a progressive cut- the sharp/hard edge on the tip/tail of the board does the work for you. A legendary, all purpose shape, from smoother/low maintenance turns to wide open high speed cuts. KEY FEATURES- A sharper center rail creates a quicker edge transfer and is also more reliable in choppier water conditions. Blending to a more vertical side wall in the tip/tail allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed- G&R Technology- Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water- Variable Bevel- rounder radius bevel on the inside of a rider’s stance blending to a sharp bevel on the outside for a clean progressive edge transfer and hold- Versatile rocker line- depending on how a rider edges into the wake it will feel like a continuous with easy transitions and soft landings. Or a 3 st
Clips to hold laces onto boot are both broken. There are some yellow spots on the bottom not sure what they are from. The other darker dirty looking spots are from the price tags that were on the board when I bought it. I'm sure would come off with rubbing alcohol or something of that sorts. 0fe.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d70f%2B%3E0fe-14b079dbbff-0x103-